Essay on Code Of Ethics : Values, Principles, And Standards

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Code of ethics are statements that describes values, principles, and standards of professional conduct and practice required in social work profession. It sets out the conduct that is expected of social care workers and helps inform service users and the public about the standards of conduct they can expect from the workers as well as forming part of the wider package of legislation, practice standards and employer policies and procedures that social care workers must meet, making sure their conduct does not fall below the set standards. The code is also intended to serve as a guide to the everyday professional conduct of social workers and reflects the commitment of all social workers to uphold the profession’s values and to act ethically by adhering to set values, ethical principles, and ethical standards to which professionals aspire and by which their actions can be judged. As a social worker, these principles and set values will give me criteria and guidelines which I will follow and be able to judge my work and see to it that am meeting the expectations of the practice. Based on these, I will provide service to all people by addressing their problems while challenging social injustice as well as respecting people’s dignity and self-worth while being trustworthy and honest in all that I will do in my social work. By adhering to all set guidelines, I will have an opportunity to grow as an individual and at the same time make a professional social work. On the other…

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