Essay on Code Of Ethics For Nurses

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Introduction A code of conduct is the professional foundation by which every occupation should stand by. Its purpose is to provide ethical and legal guidance to all the members of the profession and it describes how one should act in complex roles and situations. The profession of nursing is best described as the protection, promotion, and development of health and well-being through the alleviation of suffering by identifying appropriate prognosis and treatment to improve the care of individuals and society as a whole. Ethics is the basis of nursing practice and it plays an important role on how health care professionals can achieve those objectives. The nurse is expected to practice kindness and respect, which helps guide our decisions to promote the well-being of our patients without doing any harm. The American Nurses Association’s (ANA’s) Code of Ethics for Nurses purpose is to establish the guidance and ethical obligations of the profession that will help health care professionals make responsible decisions by allowing them to practice nursing with consistency, dignity, respect and compassion. This allows the health care professionals to keep the patient as the main focus and to respect their autonomy along with their rights and safety.
Respecting Patient’s Dignity
The American Nurses Association’s (ANA’s) Code of Ethics for Nurses initiates by explaining the first provision, which states that every professional nurse should practice nursing with compassion and…

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