Code Of Conduct For Nurses Essay

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Reflective Log 1

Briefly describe the topic you have chosen and your thoughts and feelings about it:

I have chosen to explore the topic of Person-centredness as Code of Conduct for Nurses tell us to put the individual at the center of our concern, respect their wishes and involve them in making decisions about their own care and treatment. (NMC and Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2015) Moreover, person-centredness is a core of Scotland’s healthcare quality vision for the future. NHS realise that to become a world leader in quality healthcare provision, the care must be delivered effectively, safely and have the person in the center. One of the NHS Scotland’s Healthcare Quality Strategy aim is to promote patient’s inclusion and prevent avoidable treatments and hospitalisations. In other words, it will help the NHS to save money and allocate resource more effectively to reduce inequalities. All of this is going to happen by considering the individual’s views and experiences to improve quality, engaging them into own care and making the decisions about the treatments. (The Scottish Government, 2009)

Using relevant supporting literature and evidence, discuss what you learned in relation to this topic and in what ways it relates to values and rights based nursing practice:

There are many definitions of Person Centred Care. NHS Education Scotland describes it as working with individual, their carers and family to identify and achieve goals, that are purposeful to them.…

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