Code Of Conduct And Ethical Standard Essay

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Code of conduct and ethical standard have a significant influence on business environment and its responsibility towards social, environmental health and human health. Our vision is to establish a brand identity which is easily relatable with integrity, authenticity and honesty while delivering high quality product that can bring a positive change to the community to encourage and promote better living.
Corporate Citizenship: As part of the good corporate citizenship approach, our role encompasses our culture and corporate policies related to the community involvement, philanthropy, environmental and governance in the following areas:
• Based on the data from Bureau of Labor statistics, California has the 9th highest unemployment rate of 5.9 as of 2015. As part of our business goal, we are committed to bring more jobs locally to support the economic growth and better living condition.
• Our success is linked with our supplier and sourcing partners. We are committed to support the local farmers and dairy supplier in order to build a ecosystem of ethical sourcing and shared responsibilities towards economy and environment.
• The core values our corporate culture such as honesty, diversity and trust energies us to construct the ideal workspace in order to promote diversity and equal opportunity internally and externally. Being a startup and small company we may have limited influence on the task environment, however, we have a strong commitment to exercise diversity, inclusion,…

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