Code Factory Case Analysis

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Background Jason Willetts, who founded the Code Factory in 1994, wanted to find a way to help small businesses take advantage of the Internet. The Code factory consists of three businesses. The first company is Willetts Technology; they are an Information Technology (I.T) Help Desk. The second company is Willetts Systems; this company develops websites for small businesses. Then there is Little Dog Social media, which helps small businesses get their word out on social media. Each company provides a different technological solution.
Organization Mission and Objectives Although the Code Factory consists of three main businesses, each business has a mission statement. My favorite mission statement is Willetts Technology,
“Willetts Technology
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This mission statement has nine different components. Willetts technology found their niche by providing I.T. help desk service for business owners. In today’s society, everyone uses technology, especially businesses. When using technology, there is bound to be technological issues, therefore Willetts Technology provides different types of services that can help. This is a great market to enter in, because there are few companies that provide this type of solution. Willetts technology shows their concern for growth, because they provide services to businesses of all sizes, and they are willing to help any type of business. Their philosophy discusses how knowledgeable their employees are, and that they have a strong public image because of how beneficial and competent their team of employees is. This company has been in business in service for over 17 years, and technology has grown massively over the years, and Willetts Technology has adapted to provide help with how advanced technology has become. This has helped the company reach their broad objective that is stated in their mission statement. Therefore, they have a positive self-concept because of their success with their customers over the …show more content…
Then within each department, each company is decentralized. When working at the Code Factory each employee has his or her own cubicle or desk to work in. But the Code factory has less than fifty employees. Therefore, each employee works independently for a majority of the time. Each employee has to work with different types of customers, and they have to be able to adapt to change easily. Because, over time technology constantly advancing, so the employees have to able also. Every day each company tries to figure out what the can do to improve the business. Although change does take time, they always plan accordingly, and organize on how changes will be

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