Coconut Oil Case Study

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Mila Coconut Oil Production Company
Coconut Oil has been use now more than ever, this is due to the fact of the health benefit attribute to this product. As demand increase, essential oil has become the most used in the United States for health care benefit and skincare. Coconut not use only for consumption and catering however, coconut can be use in diverse methods. In the beauty and skin care industry Coconut Oil is one of the trendiest merchandise. It can be used to Hydrate the skin, fight frizz, and decrease early signs of aging. It is an outstanding reflexology oil that serve as an effective conditioner on dry skin and all other type of skin. Hair care product is one of effective way of using coconut Oil because it supports healthy growth,
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Shem Fils-Aime who is the Chief Executive officer of the company. He is a graduate of Engineering and he hold a Master’s degree in business management. He had more than 20 years of knowledge functioning with the beauty industry work as a senior administration before Mila Coconut Oil Production Company. He will be working side by side with his sister who fresh out of college with new and excitement energy and other team of professionals to build and grow the business to become one of the leading …show more content…
We will go the extra mile to please our customer and make them our loyal and ambassadors customers. Mila coconut oil production will give all our customer first class treatment whenever they visit industries. We will have CRM software that will enable us to manage a one on one relationship with our customer wholesale contributors it does not matter how big the number become. We will ensure that get our customers involved when making some business decision that will direct or indirectly affect them. Our team will be the best because we will hire only the best qualified talented team, honest, hardworking, customer centric, and who love to be empower with responsibility and see their future through our business. Profit sharing will be available to our senior management staff which based on performance for a three years period or more based on how fast we can meet our company goal.
Strength. Management team experience will be count as a positive at Mila Coconut Oil Production Company. Our people that on board are highly experienced and know how and why it is important to grow business from the scratch to become the world leading product. Our distributor network is excellent customer service culture that we define our strength in the

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