Cocoa Shop Case Study

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Table No.2.1 CAMPCO at Perusal

Organization full Name
The Central Arecanut and cocoa Marketing Processing Co-operativelimited

Status of organization
A Co-operative Society registered under the multi-state co-operative society’s act 1984.

Operation areas
Karnataka and Kerala state for membership. No limit for marketing

Procurement/Processing/Marketing of arecanut and since 1980 cocoa/cocoa products

Date of Registration


Commencement of business


Head office

Varanasi towers at Mangalore

Brand name of the product


Ownership Pattern


Date of entry into Chocolate Business

March/April 1987

Authorized share capital from members

Rs.50 cores.

Number of Branches across india
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Comply with legal obligations and to protect the end users with consistent safe products through the application of good manufacturing, hygiene practices, good distribution practices and HACCP principles. Ensure all employees involved in production receive appropriate and adequate training in food safety and handling. Ensuring that both internal and external communications regarding food safety are fully addressed. Meeting all the Food Safety Management objectives and continually improve on processes and …show more content…
Moulded Chocolate
Moulding is the casting of liquid chocolate into moulds (metal or plastic) followed by cooling and demoulding.
It includes products such as CAMPCO Melto 37gms and 10gms, CAMPCO Cream 37gms and 10gms.

2. EnrobedChocolate
It is a process of coating a center with chocolate is other confectionery based material so as allow the coating to flow over the shape in a controlled manner. It includes products such as CAMPCO Turbo, CAMPCO Treat, CAMPCO Megabite, CAMPCO Bar, 4ever(32gm), krust 20gm and 12 gm.

Éclair is a modified toffee containing an outer shell of caramel with a centre filling usually chocolate, chocolate creams etc. it consists of products such as CAMPCO Eclairs, MeltoEclairs, Brown Center Eclairs and Playtime.

4. Drinking Chocolate
Drinking chocolate can be prepared by following ingredients sugar, cocoa powder, glucose, vitamin C, lecithin, salt. It includes product such as CAMPCO Winner (500gms and 100gms).

The Various Chocolates from CAMPCO Chocolate Factory

Table No.2.2 Various Types of Chocolate Products

Net wt/unit(in gms)
M.R.P (in Rupees)
Moulded Chocolate

Melto Cream
Campco Bar

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