Cocaine Trafficking Of The United States Essay

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The strong presence of cocaine in Colombia dates back to the 1970s when participants in the industry started seeing the potentially enormous profits to be made with the drug. Within the next couple of years, the trafficking of the drug became highly profitable and was predominantly controlled by the Cartels. These cartel leaders, and other groups that profited from the cocaine industry like the Revolution Armed Forces of Colombia – Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionnarias de Colombia (FARC), were able to infiltrate many sectors of the country, economically, socially and politically, by buying power and leverage across the Andean country.
The first origins of cocaine in Colombia date back to the 1950s when the drug was being produced in small amounts, and then sold to the Cuban Mafia (Filippone, 1994). Cocaine first made its appearance in the United-States a decade later when the Cubans, who possessed the drug, made their way to the US. It was a decade later, in the 1970s, that cocaine exportation started in Colombia (Clawson, 1996). At first, the industry was not organized and was not capable of producing large sums of the product. Production was held in laboratories without any systematic form of manufacturing, and with the aid of the most basic forms of technology. Exportation was very rudimentary as well; “mules” – individuals who hid small quantities of cocaine on them – were used to smuggle cocaine into the United-States. It was in the late 1970s, when the growing demand in…

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