Cocaine Is A Stimulant That Powerfully Affects The Body And Brain

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Cocaine is a stimulant that powerfully affects the body and brain. Cocaine has dated back thousands of years when it was chewed and ingested. In the 1900s, most medicines contained cocaine hydrochloride, which is an ingredient of cocaine. This was before doctors and scientists realized the effects of cocaine. People would take the antidote they were subscribed and would realize a need for the drug cocaine. It was not viewed badly nor illegal back then. Cocaine originated in South America, Peru, and Bolivia and is a very popular illegal drug in the U.S. today. It is a very bad drug that changes the chemistry of the brain and sometimes even causes death. Cocaine come from an extracted leaf called Erythroxylon, which is a coca bush. This plant grows mainly in Peru and Bolivia. It is shipped to the Dominican Republic first, then to America. It is snuck in by dealers into America through ships, trains, and trucks. It is usually well hidden and can be undetected. After the 1990s Colombia became the largest country with this crop. This was because Peru and Bolivia had crop reductions. Now a days, cocaine is considered a Schedule II drug, which means it is abused greatly but can be used by a doctor for health reasons, like anesthesia for throat and eye procedures. Cocaine looks like a white crystalline powder and is often called sugar, baking soda, sugar, lady, nose candy, snow, blow, big c, flake, and freebase. Most dealers mix cocaine with cornstarch or sugar to make the…

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