Cocaine Is A Powerful Stimulant Essay

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Cocaine is a powerful stimulant made from the Erythroxylon coca plant; it is considered the oldest psychoactive substance in the world, which has been in society for centuries. As we have learned Cocaine is a scheduled 2 narcotic which according to the government has been deemed highly addictive for abuse. During 2013 national survey Current demographics 1.2million users age 12 abuse cocaine, about 0.6 percent (1.5 million) of the population age 12 used cocaine, in comparison to the same survey conducted in 2009 2012 they were about the same. The latter part of 2013 showed that the rates had decreased, from previous surveys in 2002 and 2007 (Rehab International, 2015). The national trend show that cocaine preference as reported in 2013 that 12% of adolescent age 12 or older have used cocaine, 2% in past year and 1% within the past month, however the numbers have decreased between the age of 12-17, yet for the young adults and older the numbers do not appear to be decreasing (NIDA).
Cocaine affects the brains limbic system, as we know they control desire and drive. The short term effect is the accumulation of dopamine, which leads to increased euphoria and craving for more cocaine. The genetic activity of the brain will be altered from months to possibly years; same would apply to nerve cell structure (Nestler, 2005) Cocaine will disrupt how messages are sent and received from never cell to never cell, causing elevated chemical levels resulting in…

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