Cocaine Intoxication Essay

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Cocaine Intoxication "Cocaine intoxication occurs when you snort, smoke or inject too much cocaine. One becomes restless and overactive shortly after using cocaine, but with excessive use, cocaine intoxication can lead to death" (Adult Health Advisor, 2005). The four stages of cocaine intoxication are cocaine euphoria, cocaine disphoria, cocaine hallucinosis and cocaine psychosis. It has been noted that cocaine intoxication closely resembles a psychiatric disorder. In the movie, "The Boost", the main character Lenny Brown goes through each stage of cocaine psychosis and examples of his progression can be seen in the movie. The first stage of cocaine intoxication is cocaine euphoria which is described as being similar to a manic …show more content…
This is one of the reasons how cocaine intoxication resembles a type of psychotic disorder. Also, cocaine hallucinosis causes effects similar to a psychotic break. Users also experience psychomotor excitement, aggression and sexual indifference. It is during this stage that the individual realizes that it is the cocaine causing these symptoms. In the movie, examples of two of these effects are evident. Lenny's neighbor Mark sells a script he wrote for $50,000 and Linda goes out to dinner with him. Lenny is immediately jealous and displays a lot of aggression. When Linda returns from dinner, he is furious that she brought him a doggy bag and even physically assaults her. He immediately regrets his action, apologizes and explains that it is the cocaine causing him to act in such a manner. The forth and probably most dangerous stage is cocaine psychosis. In this stage, users completely lose touch with reality. They begin to believe the hallucinations and delusions experienced in the cocaine hallucinosis stage. Paranoia is also a common experience and some individuals will act out their delusions. This is dangerous to not only the individuals, but to others as well because often these delusions incite aggressive, homicidal or suicidal behavior. If one of these individuals was taken to a mental health facility for exhibiting these behaviors, psychologists may misdiagnosis the individual if they do not have the knowledge of their cocaine use. As mentioned

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