Cocaine Drug Effects

Register to read the introduction… This is due to the elevated heart rate, pulse, and blood pressure of the user. These defects in the normality of the body give in return an increase in athletic performance, decrease in fatigue, and increased energy. As these are all beneficial to the user, the problem then remains in the physical and mental addiction of the drug. Higher doses that become soon sought after cause harmful results. Aggressive behavior begins to take place as the person suffers from paranoia, depression, and irritability. This bizarre behavior brings out anxiety and emotional swings in the user. Physical problems take place with malnutrition, and skin problems arising. The victim now faces possible stroke, heart attack, and kidney failure. Abuse brings on paranoia, memory loss, and damage to the immune system. When trying to quit the substance, withdrawals can cause severe depression and suicidal feelings. The alarming problem is that users can quickly develop a very strong psychological and damaging dependence for the …show more content…
Mostly used as a party drug, coke allows the person to use their senses more than they normally would. The drug is very physical and makes the body feel good as thinking and stimulation increases. While cocaine helps create the effect that society highly demands, it can be used to help forgot the problems and hardships that one may face in life. Coke often gives people the feeling of power. This makes them believe that it is actually improving their performance. The high is able to keep the user up longer and may also increase their endurance in many physical activities. Others jump into using to increase creativity and work production going on for longer hours. Models as well as others believing they are overweight will, like speed, use as a form of dieting. Although all of the above seems to true at first, the habitual tendency would lead to increased usage causing

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