Cocaine : Cocaine The Big Problem Essay

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COCAINE THE BIG PROBLEM This story has been told to me many times by an acquaintance. The person ive known had grown up in Alabama in the projects, it 's a really rough place you wouldn 't want to grow up in. They didn 't have nice things, and the lived in a house filled with bugs so it wasn 't very clean. He had a brother although it was very hard to keep occupied, after high school he had gotten into the wrong group of people and then first tried his first hit of Cocaine. Then later became addicted. Telling many stories of this drug, he had said to me “No one when they are little wants to become a drug dealer or snort their first line of Cocaine but they just might. It 's a crazy nightmare you might never get out of.” Cocaine had first product in 1855. Many people use Cocaine in different ways to fit in or to get away from the stress in their lives. Making Cocaine to be the second most dangerous drug in the world, usage has increased over the last century. Many people think that Cocaine is this magical substance but people should be aware of the effects Cocaine has and the Physical and Chemical properties. THE HISTORY OF COCAINE According to “CRACK AND OUR CIRCULATORY SYSTEM” written by Claudia B. Manley, cocaine’s real name is Hydrochloride coming from a leaf in South American. Some people use to chew on Cocaine leaves or put it in a beverage, giving the same effect as a caffeine drink (8). In the article The Truth About Cocaine, Cocaine comes in a powder substance.…

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