Cocaine And Its Effects On The World Essay

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Cocaine has been used for a long time, way before recorded history. It is a known fact that cocaine comes from “western South America in countries such as Peru and Bolivia” (Carroll 13). Cocaine comes in different forms such as “coco plants, paste, cocaine hydrochloride, freebase cocaine, and crack cocaine” (Olive 9-11). The use of crack cocaine can lead to a higher chance in committing a crime, neurological problems, and dependence on the drug that is hard to escape. It is certain that the presentation of crack has had a major impact in the world, especially in crime. Crack has led to an increase in misconduct and also to laws being “enacted to counter its use, manufacture, and sale” (Olive 45). Crack users are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they receive their next “batch of rock” (Olive 46). “They will often steal valuables from homes or stores in order to support their habit” (Olive 45). Using crack cocaine not only leads to crimes such as petty theft and possession of drug paraphernalia, but also more serious violations such as violent crime. Researchers observed three main reasons that this could be the case. “The first reason has to do with the psychopharmacological effects of crack cocaine” (Olive 47). Users will feel a boost in body energy from the cocaine high and will involve themselves in more dangerous conduct. As the high wears off, the crackhead begins to experience symptoms such as “fatigue, depression, irritability, and insomnia” (Olive…

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