Coca Cola Essay

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Company Name: Coca Cola
"At the Coca-Cola Company we strive to refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness, create value and make a difference." (
The Coca-Cola Company, is an multinational American Corporation that manufactures, retail and markets beverages and over 500 other brands in over 200 different countries, but it is best known for its flagship product Coca-Cola. rough estimates indicate that the world drinks around 1.8 billion servings of coca-cola each day, which is roughly a tenth of the world's population.
From its birth in 1886, in the hands of pharmacist John Stith Pemberton, Coca-Cola or Coke as it is favorably called world over, has come a long way. Currently,
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Internal Market Environment:
The Internal Market Environment is mostly controllable from a business standpoint. The main contributing factors to the Internal Market Environment is associated with the Efficiency in the production process. Efficiency in the production process is accomplished via effective management and communication channels. in order for Coca-Cola to readily act upon internal market factors, Coca-Cola must effectively control, conduct constant appraisals of its business operations and solve any factors that may give rise to inefficiencies in its production Process.
External Market Environment:
External Market Environments and its forces are the most powerful forces for any corporate entity, they can affect the whole company or even the whole economy of a nation. Changes in the external environment tend to create both threats and opportunities, for example: Coca-Cola released a revamped can which was white in color but contained the standard coke, this was met with resistance from consumer groups who said people could mistake the cans for the diet versions of the beverage, this led Coca-Cola to recall the design and release the standard designs. Coca-Cola must be aware of market fluctuations and economic changes, because this in turn gives rise to changing customer attitude, values and demographics which influence the prominence on Coca-Cola. Current Market Position:
In the Past years, Coca-Cola has gained Global Nonalcoholic

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