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Coca-Cola’s market value is currently one hundred and forty billion while PepsiCo’s market value is ninety billion, however price per share fluctuate to be in range of mid-fifties “$52-$57” for both companies. Coke is dominant company of the soft drink industry and boasts a global market share of around 44%, followed by PepsiCo at about 31%, and Cadbury Schweppes at 14.7%. Separately from smaller companies such as Cott Corporation and Royal Crown. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are the biggest pieces of this market. Both struggled for over a century to conquer the number 1 position in the market, competing fiercely in last few years and following each one's strategic decisions to stay ahead.
There are number of companies that attempt to enter
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Another major opportunity that was also rated as more important than others showed that beverage consumption globally is expected to exceed 1.4 trillion this year. We have also determined that appealing to markets overseas could show potential growth due to already a sufficient size of markets (Middle Eastern, Chinese, Indian), market development strategy would be more difficult to conquer than market retrenchment since availability to reach out to consumers through advertising in Urban or Rural areas growing in every single potential market listed. For example in India population is showing to exceed 1.3 Billion and in China 1.4 Billion while population in US is only three hundred Million.
New attempt to market to the BOP “Bottom of the Pyramid “shows significant potential simply due to size of population and accessibility to reach this consumer segment. Global awareness of this brand is another major factor that puts Coca-Cola ahead of PepsiCo in most developing markets overseas. More consumers reached through traditional advertising channels since more consumers can afford new technology as well as internet access.
While Coca-Cola is currently trying maintain its position and brand image in US, PepsiCo has triple amount of sales than Coca-Cola in US as of this year.

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