Coca Cola 's Rhetorical Analysis Of ' An Old Man And The Birth Of A Child '

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Coca Cola in rhetorical analysis use a commercial reveals the impact to the audience. This announcement is transmitted to consumers. This commercial has been determined with family values that is to say created as an example of a common and real life example. The underlying moral discovery the stage of narrative story of an old man and the birth of a child, which describes his life passing year. Represent an emotional feeling means the metaphor Coke will always be with you and consumers are inclined to buy the product by affinity. Coca Cola Advertising is an effective message using happiness and to hold an audience’s attention through storytelling.

Coca Cola uses family values also transmitted values in different ways, using meaningful and true stories. For example in this commercial where a hard time but they teach us to be together. The advertising use real people like Joseph Marcaro who haves 102 year old and who travels from Spain in Mallorca to meet Aitana the baby who will born in Madrid, he explain that hard times we bring together. He is a oldest man with the youngest baby that he explain that he is a lucky guy that being able to embrace his wife and for to know his friend and able to say goodbye to them. The setting it show in Spain includes
The storytelling of his life explains to the baby that is not born yet but giving a message to her “that other people say it was a bad moment to chose to come into this world because is a crisis but it will…

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