Coca Cola vs Pepsi: Background Essay

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|Coca Cola Vs Pepsi: how a competitive brand proliferation has determined their dominance in the global soft drink industry? |


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|It is not a foreign notion that both Coca Cola and Pepsi have been competing with one another in the global soft drinks industry for many years. From the |
|early stages, of both the drink brands development
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|Albeit in 1960 Coca Cola was not complacent with sharing the lime light with Pepsi Cola, and initiates a merger acquiring Minute Maid Corporation in |
|response. This causes a domino effect over the next few years with Coca Cola introducing Sprite and Diet Coke. Pepsi Cola merges with Mountain Dew adding |
|to their trademark and then merging into the snacks industry with Frito Lay Inc creating PepsiCo Inc, as well as introducing Diet Pepsi. Both brands have |
|continued to develop and expand. To this day The Coca Cola Company is consists of over 400 brands[3] and Pepsi consisting of 22 food and beverage |
|brands[4]. |
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|Although Coca Cola and PepsiCo are prestige brands, they both remain global market powers in a vigorously competitive soft drinks industry, valued at total|
|value US$30.3bn by 2008[5]. Their success is down too their strategic behaviour in response to changes in the market structure,

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