Coca Cola, The Iconic American Soda Company Essay

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Coca-Cola, the iconic American soda company, is a dominant brand recognized globally—selling in over 200 countries worldwide. Additionally, Cola-Cola produces hundreds of subsidiary beverages such as Vitamin Water, Fuze, PowerAde and Sprite, making the Coca-Cola companies a personal favorite. Coca-Cola also makes a vast impact in global economics. With more than 900 plants and over 92,000 employees, Coca-Cola increases the amount of available jobs internationally—increasing economic stimulation in the locations in which the plants are sited—as well as represents thousands of communities and cultures around the globe. Similarly, Coca-Cola partners with bottling companies creating large quantities of employment opportunities for the general public. Lastly, the Coca-Cola business stimulates job creation and contributes to economic success internationally by creating mass employment opportunities, paying the appropriate taxes to governments, and compensating suppliers for goods, services and investment programs. Coca-Cola has some 20 million customers around the world with an extended audience provided by retailers, convenience stores, theaters and venders that sell Coca-Cola products to consumers. This major retailer also aids small businesses in their attempts to get off the ground by providing equipment, training and suppliers. For example, Coca-Cola has established a pushcart program in Vietnam, which helped more than 4000 entrepreneurs establish their own businesses.…

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