Coca Cola Strategy Analysis

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Coca-Cola strategies analysis
Starting with Coca-Cola Company and its step to global
Invention of Coca-Cola and Asa Griggs marketing plan
We might have some question about Coca-Cola? How was Coca-Cola invented? How does it being spread and accepted by all people around the world? Coca-Cola was invented by the John Pemberton, who was a pharmacist, he came out with a secret formula and finally, Coca-Cola invented. Despite being a great-tasting product, Coca-Cola’s existence was largely unknown. Asa Griggs Candler, the businessman who purchased the recipe of Coca-Cola from inventor Dr. John Pemberton in 1888, one of the great strategies he applied was started giving away free sample coupons to anyone who would try a sip of a Coke. From 1894 through
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Backward integration---Acquire raw materials firm to gain production advantage
6. Horizontal integration---Acquire firm that benefits the company
7. Related diversification---Develop product that similar to its current production
Current Strategy of Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola is well known around the world today, it growing consistently and expanding rapidly. Coca-Cola has already been there for a hundred years, is it going to last for another century? Mission, vision, and value set by Coca-Cola are clear. Does Coca-Cola do it well or not? Can the strategy suitable to make Coca-Cola be the leader of the industry and outsmart its rivals? Let take a peek at it below.
Coca-Cola would like to turn from a cost based company to a differentiated company. Cost based usually focuses on producing adequate products with relatively low cost; differentiated based is usually produce high-quality products with adequate cost. The differentiated based strategy is applied because of the future perspective of Coca-Cola, and they wish to create value for its customers and consumers, in the same time Coca-Cola also has a fight with Pepsi Cola, which is the rival of Coca-Cola.
5 Major Strategy that applied by Coca-Cola:
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Today, Coca-Cola Company portfolio includes more than 500 brands, almost all drinks that we could imagine. Among these brands, 20 of them generate more than a billion dollars of sales annually. Another core competency is the ability to lead the independent bottling partners in the production line to create value for our retailers and customers. Coca-Cola Company acquired and managed a couple of bottling partners with the aim of improving performance, optimizing manufacturing and distribution system. Coca-Cola Company set a goal of completely franchising its bottling system in North America by year-end 2017, to realize this goal it aggressively accelerates the franchising of Company-owned bottling territories in the region. Coca-Cola Company also announced to form a unified new bottling partner in Western Europe and took action to improve their bottling system in Southern and East Africa, Indonesia and

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