Coca Cola Is Better Than Pepsi Essay

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Globally, Coca Cola leads the Cola Wars by outselling Pepsi by at-least over a 100 million cases of Coca cola annually. So it isn’t rocket science to conclude that Coca Cola is better than Pepsi (sells more). But when we ask the question, Why is this the case, the answer will leave you baffled. (Cause it 's not about the taste!)

Why is coca cola better than pepsi?

Having been the two most competitive companies, Coca-Cola and Pepsi have always been neck-to-neck in the Soda Business. However competitive it might have been, Coca-Cola has always had a little more edge over Pepsi. In an experiment that was conducted, it was found out that when people were made to choose between Coke and Pepsi when they were blindfolded, they chose Pepsi over Coke because it was sweeter in taste.
But when people knew which was which, of course Coke came on top. Now the question here is how was Coca-Cola able to get that ‘little bit of edge?’ (Sounds crazy, Eh?)

The answer is simple and can be said in a simple word - “Marketing.”

It has been hiding under all the advertisements that Coca-Cola has released over the past years. As it is often said,

“It is not what it says, it is how you make them feel which makes the difference,’’

Coke follows this very mantra and was able to dominate the soda business.
This paradox of people liking the taste of pepsi yet buying Coca Cola is known as the Pepsi Paradox.

How does Coca Cola do it?

For over a century, Coke has been in the business of selling Soda.…

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