Coca Cola & Integrated Marketing Communications Essay

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Coca-Cola and Integrated Marketing Communications

Coca-Cola and Integrated Marketing Communications
In 1893 the Coca-Cola logo became a registered trademark. This marked what would become most recognizable brand around the world. If you have a television, radio, or get out now and then it is almost impossible to not be exposed to some form of marketing campaign or advertising of Coca-Cola products. Coca-Cola is a thriving global corporation that is firmly embedded in 206 countries and is a $67 billion dollar corporation (CNBC, 2013). Coca-Cola’s Senior Vice President of Integrated Marketing Communications, Wendy Clark, is responsible for Design, Marketing Communications, Media, Sponsorships,
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They have created strong consumer desire and consistently deliver on their communicated advertising campaigns. I know I personally always get a lift when I open a can or a bottle and hear that first escape of carbonation, “Open Happiness” in effect!
Effective Channels Coca-Cola products saturate the marketplace. There are so many products and communication delivery vehicles as well as product delivery systems/Channels. For starters they have a trademark recognized around the world, Coke products with the red label or can and white lettering and picture of a bottle on the packaging, instant product identification. Next they channel their actual products through restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, discount chains such as BJ’s or a Wal-Mart, and sporting events to name a few. From my perspective the most effective channel is the grocery store and convenience store channels.
Here they not only have an opportunity to deliver their product but they also have display cases that feature just their Coca-Cola brands which also serves as a form of in store advertising.
Effective Promotion Mix There are several promotional tools that Coca-Cola employs through their various channels. When I go to the local 7/11 I get two 2liters for $3.33 saving about a dollar over other distribution points. I also see 12 packs on sale at the grocery stores all the time for four or five 12 packs for the price of three or

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