Coca Cola Hr Report Essay

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The Coca-Cola Way

In 1999, following the merger of Coca-Cola's four bottling operations (Hindustan Coca-Cola Bottling North West, Hindustan Bottling Coca-Cola Bottling South West, Bharat Coca-Cola North East, and Bharat Coca-Cola South East), human resources issues gained significance at the company. Two new companies, Coca-Cola India, the corporate and marketing office, and Coca-Cola Beverages were the result of the merger. The merger brought with it over 10,000 employees to Coca-Cola, doubling the number of employees it had in 1998.
Coca-Cola had to go in for a massive restructuring exercise focusing on the company's human resources to ensure a smooth acceptance of the merger. The first task was to put in place a new organizational
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Together with our bottling partners, the Coca-Cola system employs hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Our strength comes from the passion, leadership, and integrity demonstrated by our employees worldwide. Our commitment to our people is one of the key areas of focus in the Manifesto for Growth, our strategic road map for sustainable business growth.
Global Labor Relations
"Coca-Cola workers are allowed to exercise rights to union membership and collective bargaining without pressure or interference. Such rights are exercised without fear of retaliation, repression or any other form of discrimination."
Joint Statement, The Coca-Cola Company & the IUF, 2005
We respect the rights of our employees to join -- or not join -- labor unions, and ensure that those rights are exercised without fear of retaliation, repression or any other form of intimidation or discrimination. We comply with all applicable labor and employment laws in the countries in which we do business. We recognize international labor standards and are committed to respecting the workplace human rights of our employees and the parties with whom we do business.
The Coca-Cola Company and our bottling partners together constitute one of the most unionized workforces in the world. Over 30 percent of the employees working under the Coca-Cola trademark have freely chosen to be represented by labor organizations. We fully respect and honor the decision of our employees to choose or

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