Essay about Coca Cola Coporate Strategy

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Coco Cola Company adopt differentiation strategy by Creating innovative design , Refreshing its brand image , Providing an extraordinary service and using technological capability .Differentiation Strategy means that a company that competes by offering unique products that are widely valued by customers is following a differentiation strategy. And the company tries to create a unique and distinctive product or service for which customers will pay a premium. Differentiation Strategy might be exceptionally high quality, extraordinary service, innovative design, technological capability, or an unusually positive brand image. The Key to this competitive strategy is that whatever product or service attributes is chosen for differentiating must …show more content…
Due to the increaing sales volum in 2005, there are 18% growths of Coca Cola.In 2011,Xing Mui is now successfully among the top five brands in China’s carbonated soft drink market.

Providing an extraordinary service is the special service of Coca Cola Company. Coca Cola Company is not only selling Coca Cola but also produce other kind’s soft drinks, water and fruit juice.For example, Coco cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta and some is very popular in Mainland China like Tian Yu Di (Heaven and Earth) and Xing Mu (Smart).So, we can see that there are different kinds of soft drinks which is perfectly fit teenagers. Water and fruit drinks also to promote a new image of Coca Cola company that drink into healthy ways and keep you healthy in drinking. This approach is successful because Xing Mu is now successfully among the top five brands in China’s carbonated soft drink market. It implies that the Chinese people regard this new product as one of their favorite drinks.

Using technological capability is also a key point making it successfully.In attempt to keep its competitive, Coca Cola Company invest advanced machine to lower the product cost.In2009,Coca Cola invested $90 million on constructing the Innovation and Technology Centre in Shanghai and opened two more bottling plants in different province in China such as Jianxi

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