Comparing Coca-Cola And Uncomplicated Advertising

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Advertising has been around for a long time. It’s necessary to inform people about the hip new product that’s out if you want them to buy it. Over time, though, advertising has changed, along with the generations and to follow society’s rules. In the 19th century, advertising was simple and straightforward, they show you a product and its information, then you would either buy it or refuse. Now, in the 21st century, advertisements have more thought in them, with compositions, colors, and deliberate, small, psychological manipulations, that nobody would notice, but would nevertheless help to convince people. Back in the 1800s, their mostly black-and-white and uncomplicated advertisements (almost as if they were like infomercials today) were normal. If we had seen some advertisements from the 1800s, then we would not be as inclined to purchase the product, because our advertisers of today raise and raise our standards for advertisements, as researches are quickly finding out what people like and don’t like about advertisements, as they try to improve them. The two times are very contrasting; after all, they are 200 years apart. …show more content…
They both show how Coca-Cola can help and improve your day, whether it be a headache or hunger. They also both show some composition similarities, such as having the same focal points and the use of the rule of thirds. Both advertisements also show a woman drinking the product. The two also seem to show the same persuasive technique:transfer, which is a type of technique that positively associates the product with oher positive items. An example of this would be how they both show an association with refreshment, both women looking pleased and happy. Even when the company started up in the 1800s, they were still pretty well known. This company throughout their time have used repetition in their advertisements, showing the just frequently enough so that nearly everyone knows about

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