Coca Cola Case Study Essay

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Executive Summary

On August 2003, Coca Cola India faced a sales drop due to pesticides residues issue brought by a non-government organization called CSE (Center for Science and Environment). This report aims at covering the case study from the Corporate Communication 5th Edition by Paul A. Argenti ‘s book page 284-299 (Case 10-1). These papers will include the case questions with answers, to analyze the key problems that Coke India should focus and how well-prepared was them in dealing with the crisis, as well as the key constituents and communication strategies that Coke India must do to endure the problem along with the conclusion of whether they have avoided the crisis or vice versa. The conclusion of study and references will also
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Tell the truth

To gain back the trust means Coke must reveal the truth regarding the issue that hit them. Instead of being angry against CSE’s allegations by denying and questioning their testing method and keep silent since the first issue came, Coke itself must reveal the truth as soon as possible, before the situation gets worse. Just like myths & facts that was revealed by Gupta in Coke India website (see Exhibit 10.9 P.298) it clearly stated the issue versus the reality. But the declaration through website wasn’t enough, Gupta should explaining the truth as long as people haven’t believed them yet.

b. Prove with action

People didn’t only want to listen, but also see. Billion of Indians wants Coca Cola to prove that they are deserved to be trusted once more. Since CSE took an important role in India, Coke India must build a good relationship with CSE. They should have done a transparent product testing to prove the facts they already revealed. Besides, doing corporate social responsibilities will make Coca Cola brought back their reputation, such as their effort in launching Coca Cola India eKO Management System in 2004.

c. Listen to customers

Consumers are the most important part in influencing Coca Cola’s sales and future. The sales drop has proved that consumers are involved to believing the issue. For example came from Delhi’s medical student which declared “For a person drinking at least one bottle a day, the report came as a rude shock. I

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