Coca Cola Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… and Cadburry Schweppes without limiting there consumer support. These competitors also dabble in the distribution of food and snack products. Coca-Cola’s focus is primarily on beverages as they remain the top competitor of the beverage industry. Focusing on one category also can increase consumer perception of being an organization that knows its business and focuses on providing the best quality product without steering away from what is does best. Some may prefer a master of one than a jack of all …show more content…
These efforts are in collaboration the government’s efforts and concern of increased health cost due to obesity.

Economic Environment factors: By creating opportunities throughout our value chain, we increase our access to local procurement and are able to penetrate hard-to-reach markets through local entrepreneurs. By investing in local economies and being a good corporate neighbor, we also earn our “social license” to do business in those places.(The Coca-Cola COmpany, 2010-2011)

Social Factors: Coca-Cola products are offered globally. Their products are appealing to various ages, genders, cultures, and ethnicities. Although a consumer created the Coca-Cola account of Facebook, it continues to participate in the global social network.

Technological Factors: Coca-Cola is increasing consumer awareness by the use of I-phone and Android applications. Programs include accepting payments for products by downloading programs that enable users to establish a pre-paid balance on cellular phones. The use of beverage dispensers in restaurants that offer more than 100 of Coca-Cola’s

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