Essay on Coca-Cola Brand Management Analysis

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Coca-Cola Brand Management Analysis


A world wide brand –Coca-Cola 3
Coca-Cola Recognition 3
The Other Side of Coke 4
Coke associations (good and bad) 4
Market positioning for Coca-Cola 5
Positioning strategy: Global is Out, Local is In 5
Increase the brand equity method 6
Advertising 7
Find big global partner 7
Sponsorship 7 sponsorship for sport: 8
Sponsorship for recreation: 8
Communications & Public Relations 9
In mass media 9
Main competitors in the world 9

Appendix 11
Reference books 11
Reference Websites 11
Brand portfolio and history 12

A world wide brand –Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola is a type of carbonated soft drink sold in stores, restaurants and vending machines in more than 200
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They use age as the key factor.

Below 30 Above 30
Segment size larger high
Growth rate high high
Competitor strength low low
Investment required low low
Ease of penetration easy easy
Potential margins and profits higher high
Communications channels available easy easy
The main target customer, we can see from the table, is young people, so Coca-cola should take actions :
To connect with teens in an interesting and fun way.
To create unforgettable teen moments linked to 'Coca-Cola'.
To ensure 'Coca-Cola' is viewed as making everyday life more interesting and fun.
To communicate the dynamic and leading attributes of the brand.
To be seen as a national sponsor at a local level and global sponsor on an international level.
Increase the brand equity method
Many people see 'Coca-Cola' as a part of their daily life. This affinity between the brand and the consumer leads to a high degree of loyalty and makes the purchasing decision easier. Brand positioning guides 'what' will be communicated in the company's advertising, while the character statement guides 'how' a message should be delivered or put across. Advertising
Coca-Cola's advertising has had a significant impact on American culture, and is frequently credited with the "invention" of the modern image of Santa Claus as an old man in red-and-white garments.
Coke was first advertised as a remedy for headaches and exhaustion,

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