Coca Cola As A Social Responsibility Essay

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Coca-Cola used some corporate social responsibility principles in addressing the obesity crisis. Coca-Cola did not only think of themselves and try to make a profit but instead was thinking about the society and what they can do to help combat the problem of obesity. Coca-Cola called obesity “the issue of this generation” and to have a large beverage company say that is a very important step in actually trying to fight obesity. The company was definitely using the stakeholder theory, a theory that social responsibility is paying attention to the interest of every affected stakeholder. In most companies, like Coca-Cola, the stakeholders that can be affected are the employees, customers, stockholders, and even local communities. Coca-Cola has to think of the stakeholders that may be affected, and they show this when they decided to fight against obesity. If customers, stockholders, and even employees start to gain weight and become obese then they will more than likely try to stop drinking Coca-Cola products but with Coca-Cola coming out with 180 low- and no-calorie beverages there is a better chance that they will just switch to the low- or no-calorie beverages instead. These low-calorie beverages will help fight obesity. Another aspect of social responsibility is the pyramid of corporate social responsibility. The pyramid of corporate social responsibility has four components: economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibilities. All companies have…

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