Coca Cola And Its Effect On The Body Essay example

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When Coca Cola was first created it was made to be an everyday medicine for people to use to cure their conditions. Coca Cola consumers would proudly admit that the drink is one of their most preferred beverages for the satisfying taste and the ongoing reputation to cure illnesses. However, researchers have found that drinking Coca Cola at a high rate is very unhealthy for the body because of the ingredients that the product consists of. That being said, many consumers of Coca Cola were unaware of these damages to the body. Most Coca Cola consumers would agree that Coke is a good source of drink to devour to cure illnesses because of the statements that was giving to the people, but studies shows that drinking Coca Cola is a very life threatening drink that does not cure any illness at all, but causes severe diseases to occur in the body.
In the History of the World in Six Glasses by Tom Standage explains that Dr. Kidd claimed that Coca Cola cures every known ailment such as rheumatism, neuralgia, stomach, heart, liver, and kidney (134). The statement that Dr. Kidd had announced to the public, that Coca Cola was a cure for all sorts of illnesses, grabbed his audience’s attention, which made them more interested in buying the drink for their conditions. Coca Cola was also claimed to cure other conditions, but specifically in women. Lydia E. Pinkham claimed Coke was “A positive cure for all painful Complaints and Weaknesses so common to our … female population … It removes…

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