Coca Cola, A Global Chief Diversity Officer For More Than A Decade

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In large corporations managing all of the many aspects of cultural diversity is no easy task. If a company wants to thrive, it must be able to include talent from all types of people (Bucherati). Many people mistake diversity for just race, but diversity includes all differences, such as, income, gender, sexual orientation, ideologies, and most known, race. There are many ways a company can go about utilizing all people, and diversifying their company; however there are some limitations, and sacrifices a company must make to remain so profitable. There is no way a large corporation can please everyone in the world. No matter how diverse a company tries to be it cannot control governmental decisions, and as a result there will be some negative view on the company. On March 23, 2016 Mr. Steve Bucherati gave a speech at Clemson University on the topic of diversity in The Coca Cola Company, the company for which he was the Global Chief Diversity Officer for more than a decade. His large amount of experience made the speech very informative and as a result, interesting. He talked about how Coca Cola included all types of people, even women in parts of the world where women are valued much less than men. He also talked about how when the Olympics, which Coke sponsored, were held in Sochi, Russia, a law was being passed that restricted the rights of lesbians, bisexuals, gays, and transgendered people. Coke received a lot of negative reactions for continuing to sponsor the…

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