Coca Col The Marketing Plan Of Coca-Cola

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Coca Cola
- To refresh the world
- To inspire moments of happiness and optimism
- To create value and make a difference
The main objectives for the Coca-Cola Company are to be globally known as a business that conducts business responsibility and ethically and to accelerate sustainable growth to operate in tomorrow 's world. By having these objectives, it forms the foundation for companies in the decision making process.
5by20 is our commitment to empower five million women entrepreneurs by 2020. We’re implementing programs across the world which address the most common barriers women face in the marketplace, and giving women access to training, financial services and mentoring. 5by20 is currently working in
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We believe choice and information are two fundamental requirements to help consumers make healthy lifestyle choices for them and their families. We also want to inspire people to move more, more often, which is why we have pledged £20million to doing this between now and 2020.
Segmentation and target markets
Geographic segmentation
Coca Cola has drinks that targets different age groups, ethnic groups, sexes, lifestyles, etc. Examples:
- Oasis- Juice made for the younger working adults, between the ages of 20-30. The product is available in different flavors (berry, lemon, and orange tangerine). It’s mostly popular in Britain and Ireland.

- Coca Cola- the most popular soft drink so far that being sold in most countries in the world. The large demand for its taste and the trend toward healthier lifestyle influenced Coca Cola to produce healthier products such as Coca Cola Zero, Diet Coca Cola, and etc.
- Coca Cola Zero- targets teens that don 't want calories but want the taste.
- Diet Coca Cola- targets adults, between 30-50 who are health conscious but want the taste.
- Powerade- sport drink, targets athletes between 13-27
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When the name of Coke is mentioned, the first thing that comes into mind is fun and entertainment.
Over the years consumer taste, preference and lifestyles have changed, and with that so has Coca‑Cola. We’ve innovated to include a range of lower and no sugar and calorie alternatives, each with their own identity.
6 changes we 're making:
• Coca‑Cola advertising will show our full range of colas
• Coca‑Cola TV ads will feature all four variants in the final frame
• Our packaging will clearly highlight the benefits of each variant
• The branding on every Coca‑Cola can and bottle will be in the same style, with different colours to distinguish each variant
• In 2015, we’re doubling our marketing spend for our lower and no sugar and calorie colas
• It’s the first time our sponsorship of a major international sporting event - Rugby World Cup 2015 – will promote all four variants, and champion Coca‑Cola with zero

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