Coca Col The Five Growth Strategy Of Coca-Cola

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Coca-Cola is an American Company, that sells carbonated soft drinks, produced by
“The Coca-Cola Company” in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The Coca-Cola Company has a number of products that were introduced under the Cola name. The most common being
Diet Coke, and other such as Caffeine-Free, Diet Coke Caffeine-Free, Cherry, Zero and
Vanilla. Coca-Cola was the world’s third most valuable brand, and in 2013 Coca-Cola sells in over 200 countries worldwide, with consumers spending over 1.8 billion company beverage savings each day. Coca Cola has five growth strategy the first being “We focused on driving revenue and profit growth”, Second being “We invested in our brands and business”, third
“We became more efficient”, fourth “We simplified
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This led to the making of many other flavors created by Coca Cola such as lime, lemon and vanilla.

This incorporates the production of new goods that accompany the existing products.
In 1945 Coke created the beverage Minute Maid a lemonade and orange juice line. With each year the sales of carbonated soft drinks falling, Coca Cola expect the drinks market may change to less-sugary future, to their next objective was to also focus on growing in health drinks. This is the entry into completely new industry that might lack important similarities to the existing markets. Coca Cola tries to not go into any risky territories and wants to continue in growing within the drinks industry. With this Coca Cola had started the creation of its own official merchandise from shirts to pens, exploiting the strong brand.

Coca Cola is known to be serving up happiness to all since the beginning, across the world putting smiles on many faces across the globe. Regardless of the fact that Coca-Cola’s health hazards are bringing problems to the world, it has brought more progress to the world with its positive global contributions to developing countries and it allows many of the local economies to grow. Coca Cola has helped many countries such as the Sudan develop,
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When offering jobs to the citizens, Coca Cola is helping the economy of Sudan, and is allowing many people to spend money which allow the economy to benefit as well. This shows that since Coca-Cola is able to benefit Sudan, its economy, and its citizens that Coke’s globalization is more progressive. Coca-Cola gives back to local communities and foundations, they gave over $750,000 to the Red Cross and Red Crescent to provide humanitarian relief to people in the community in Darfur who have been displaced due to the violence in that region. Even during the holy month of Ramadan, Coca Cola employee visit different neighborhoods in Khartoum, distributing 10,000 boxes filled with basic food product and visiting door to door and delivering to those in need. All this

contributing to creating a better image for Coca Cola, and also helping their business grow in a the small communities of Sudan.

Although Coca-Cola’s health hazard bring problems around the world, Coke has been able to stimulate the economy of the world, locally and nationally. Throughout the world coke has brought people together. As it is shown in the videos where coke employees help the community and give back. Coke has always had the initiative to help the environment and

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