Coca Col Purpose Of The Business Essay

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Purpose of the business
The organisation chosen is The Coca-Cola Company whose initial purpose during its time of establishment was to produce Coca-Cola syrup in order to sell it in fountain drinks. However over the time it was elevated to selling soft drinks to the general consumers as well as provide other products like juices, mineral water and other healthy beverages. Some of the products that it is associated with are Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Minute Maid and Kinley (Afzal, 2010).
Mission, Vision and Values
Mission- The mission of the company is enduring and it helps declare the purpose for the company as well as aids in setting standards upon which the company weighs its decisions and actions. Some of the main focus is on to refresh the world, creating a difference by adding value and inspire optimism in people with happiness.
Vision- The vision of the company helps in guiding the business and helping it accomplish a quality growth to continue attaining sustainability. The main focus is on the People (a place where the people are inspired to be the best), Portfolio (bring a group of quality beverage products that satisfies the needs of the people), Partners (have a great network of suppliers and customers who create a mutual value), Profit (to maximise the returns of the shareholders in the long run) and Productivity (be an organisation with a highly effective and fast moving team).
Values- The values of the company help in describing its behaviour to the world. The main…

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