Coca Col Company Analysis Essay

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1. Coca-Cola soda-produced by Coca-Cola company.
2. Toyota Fielder-a brand produced by Toyota company.
Strategies employed by the Coca-Cola company in producing their products.
The Coca-Cola company is a worldwide business operating on a local scale in any place they do business. The company is recognizable globally. It has a strong system comprising of many bottling partners and itself. All the partners distribute the products to the suppliers-grocery stores, restaurants and many other places all over the world. The company has been able to reach higher targets in their productivity activities thereby making more profits. Focus to achieve more the key strategy applied by Coca-Cola company according to my illustration below.
First, the company focused on increasing revenue and profits. Segmented revenue growth strategy has been used in a way that shows variations in the types of markets. It has also focused on giving incentives to their workers in order to boost their morale. To the new markets, the company focused on increasing the volume of sales, enhancing affordability of its beverages and establishing a firm foundation for their future success. To the existing markets, the company focused more on the balance between the volume of sales and pricing. On developing markets also, the company’s primary focus was on increasing profits. This was done by giving out small premium packages like aluminum and glass bottles. Through the focus to and by the application of the market…

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