Coca Col Case Study Of Innocent Drinks

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Register to read the introduction… Innocent Drinks began as a stall at a small music festival in 1998; from its humble beginnings, it now lays claim to an impressive 63% share of the £111m UK smoothie market. Strong brand values seem to be at the epicentre of the company’s success, and despite being Britain’s fastest growing company within the food and drink industry, Innocent Drinks have been able to maintain their trust with employees and customers. With little research I was able to find out that some Innocent smoothies contain more sugar per 100ml serving than Coca Cola does. Giving the current ‘healthy’ eating craze is may seem a little peculiar that both these companies are thriving in their respective markets, why is this? Ultimately it’s down to their brand, but what exactly is a brand? One way to perceive it is to think products and services that have been given added value by marketing managers, in an attempt to augment their products with values and associations that are recognised by, and are meaningful to their customers (Baines et al, 2011) or more simply put it is the set of associations a person makes with regard to a company or product. Essentially Coca Cola is just a soft drinks product yet the drink has been eclipsed by the sheer might of its brand. This phenomenon I think is best summed up best by a Coca Cola executive: “If Coca-Cola were to lose all of its production-related assets in a disaster, the company would survive. By contrast, if all consumers were to have a sudden lapse of memory and forget everything related to Coca-Cola, the company would go out of business.” (Baines et al, 2011). This shows the true implications and benefits of having a strong brand, leading to customer loyalty. …show more content…
The SWOT analysis I had covered before in quite a lot of detail, and the lecture didn’t really make me think any differently about the way in which it is applied to organisation. However the value chain did introduced me into how much detail is actually involved in adding value to your company. I plan to use this knowledge to form the main basis of my report for the second case study on innocent smoothies, as my current understanding of the company is that they are the market leader mainly because of their brand and their emphasis on adding value. A lot of other manufacturer offer smoothies, what makes innocent so special? 6.5 Week 5 Unfortunately I was unable to make this session as I had a hospital appointment regarding my ankles, which was annoying as it was a case study session. I tried to complete the case study on my own; I took what I had learnt from he previous one and tried to apply it to this one. The information I gathered I made sure was relevant to the case study. The main things I took from the study were although the product is essentially, sometimes the brand can out way the value derived by the product. Applying to people you can see that although some individuals appear to be more qualified, it’s not necessarily them who get the job, as it not just the product, it’s the whole package employers are after. This information will hopefully be invaluable to me as I’m currently going through the job application

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