Coastline Systems Consulting Essay

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The following is a copy of the transcript of an interview conducted by Anna Kelly with IT consultant Jeff Summers and receptionist/bookkeeper Kathy Gray of Coastline Systems Consulting. The goal of this interview was to obtain sample forms and to ask questions about them to discover data entities of the system.

Exhibit 1.1
Scene: The meeting room at Coastline Systems Consulting. Anna Kelly scheduled the interview to obtain instructions and sample forms for designing the data structure for the customer response system.
Jeff: Good morning, Anna!
Anna: Good morning, Jeff. Good morning, Kathy. Thanks for taking the meeting.
Jeff: You requested some samples of the forms we use now out on site. Here are copies of the main forms I think
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Kathy: Oh, yes. What a hassle that was! That was to see if a particular drive was still under warranty.
Anna: Well, I think this new system could eliminate those searches. We would tie every installed component to a specific purchase date with the barcode.
Kathy: Then that would be well work the extra second. But I heard Jeff say that "often" the identifier is a unique serial number. What about cases where it's just a model number? That wouldn't be unique and so we couldn't tie the installed component to a specific purchase date.
Anna: I'll put that on my open issues list to check out. Worst-case scenario is that we put our own barcode on those items. We could generate a whole list of unique numbers and print barcode labels for them. It would be an extra step to apply those labels...
Kathy: But still worth it in the long run.
Anna: I'm glad you agree. What else do we have to talk about with the component end of the system?
Jeff: Well, let’s say I replace the video card. I know what the PC now has. But I don’t know what it had before, how long that component was in service.
Anna: So you want a history of each PC.
Jeff: From a component standpoint, I just need to see a list of all components that have ever been in the PC, when those components were added, and when they were removed.
Anna: It’s not that I’m questioning your processes, but why do you need to know about components that are no longer in a PC?
Jeff: For one thing, clients

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