Coastal Degradation Essay

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When the Earth uses its natural process for coastal erosion and degradation, it is not as harsh on the planet. With waves moving the sand along the coast, and depositing it onto another beach, its nature’s way of keeping this delicate scale balanced. Tidal cycles bring sand onto the beach and carry it back into the surf. Rivers carry sediment to the coast and build deltas into the open water. Storms cause deep erosion in one area and leave thick over wash deposits in another. Plants retain sediment in wetlands and impede movement of coastal dunes.
Human interaction with the planet’s natural degradation process has many environmentalists concerned. These interactions, whether they are direct or indirect have a lasting change on the coastal
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Destructions of dune grasses, off-road vehicles being used on beaches or normal foot traffic can cause sand dunes to compact which destroys plant roots and animal burrows. Humans disturbing nesting and feeding areas of shoreline birds and animals can also cause coastal degradation. Choosing to bulldoze dunes in order to improve a viewing area for coastal business such as hotels and shopping centers, destroys the sand dunes ability to absorb the pounding of high waves and reduce over wash flooding from storms and hurricanes. The main reason for coastal degradation can be pinpointed to lack of sand, however the reason for the reduction of sand can vary for many reasons depending on the location of the beach that is being affected. According to the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association, the “beaches located on the west coast of the United States are sand-starved when rivers dams block the flow of sand, while the beaches on the east coast lack sand because inlets or navigation projects interrupt sands along the shore’s …show more content…
For hundreds of years, they housed rare and diverse species of plants and marine life. Now the forest, plant, and marine life has been replaced with factories and industry and the seashore ground has become soft due to many factories pumping ground water making the land around Bang Khunthian district subside. Commercial development and housing projects have also contributed to a loss of the mangrove forests and when the natural buffers vanished, the district 's coastline rapidly became submerged in

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