Essay on Coach Talk

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COMM 3130: Case Studies in Sport Communication
Lauren Nardelli
February 5, 2015
Chapter Title: Coachtalk: Good Reasons for Winning and Losing
Llewellyn, John T. (2003). Coachtalk: Good reasons for winning and losing. In R.S. Brown & D.J. O’Rourke (eds.). Case studies in sport communication (pp.141-1 57). Westport, CT: St. Martin’s Press.
Content of section and relevance today: According to the author on page 141, winning is a big concern in the life of sports and life in general. The saying is “winning isn’t everything”, but in sports and to some people it is everything. Any sports contest or in life, there will always be a winner and a loser. Fans need to realize their team cannot win every single game. If that was the case,
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The success of a team does come the coach as well as the players. I think the coach plays a huge role in the team’s success, but most of the time, the coach does not take all the credit. In past experience, my coaches always told us how the success came from us and that the coaches are just there to motivate and fix mistakes. Whether a team lost or won, they always recognize and give credit to their coach. I chose this section because I think sports fans need to realize that coaches are humans just like they are and make mistakes. They are not going to get every play right; therefore, they should not be blamed for losing a couple of games. On pages 143-144, the author included Penn State University head football coach Joe Paterno’s input about the country’s incapability to understand and accept losing. “I think our whole country has been twisted bit because we don’t know how to lose.” (Llwellyn p. 144). Joe Paterno was a very successful coach at Penn State and has built the program to what it is today. Not only was Paterno involved with just football, but he also has donated money to the school for academics and to one of the biggest charity events at Penn State, THON. I think being a professional coach, Joe Paterno displayed the characteristics of what a coach should be, but also alongside being a coach, being a person who is generous and has a passion for sports just like every other

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