Coach Korn: A Personal Interview For A College Football Player

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Cool Korn As I sat down with one of the coaches, who is the defensive backs coach on the Tennessee State University (TSU) football staff, I noticed how Coach Korn reminded me of myself. My interviewee was Coach Korn, since I play offensive line, he is not one of my coaches. Coach Korn and I have had our occasional hi and bye’s, but until this interview I knew not much of him. I noticed a few things, one being that he has been interviewed before because when we sat down he showed no signs of nervousness, second is that he kept his hood on throughout the entire interview, and third was that Coach Korn did not speak with a loud voice but at the same time I understood his every word. Coach Korn honestly could pass for a college football player. He is a well fit middle-aged dark skin man, he is of the 5”9-5”11 height range, I have also noticed he’s always very well-dressed whether it be sports attire or business. At the age of 32, two of the many hobbies he enjoys are working out and overall fitness. Still to this day he has an athletic build and can tell he’s played sports. When I asked him what he does to keep his athletic appearance and, he simply responded that he …show more content…
He answered me “at a very young age, he absolutely loved sports”. He also mentioned to me how his father really introduced him to sports. He let me know how they would go to basketball games, football games, and even baseball games together as they both love sports. He told me football was the sport he began to love as it had the best aspects to it, he loved the contact, the physicality of it, and how it is a team sport. He made the decision around the end of his high school athletic career that football would be the sport he went to college for, but Coach Korn did play other sports he mentioned Olympic weightlifting, baseball, track, and

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