Coach Knight vs Coach Krzyszewski Essay

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In the contemporary business world, there are many different styles of leaderships. All of them are approaches used by individuals, which are based on their values, preferences and beliefs but also on organizational culture and norms which encourage some styles and discourage others.
Leadership styles work most efficiently if they are adapted to the demands of the situation, the requirements of the involved people and the challenges facing the organization.
There is a difference in ways leaders approach their employees.
In the analysis of Coach Knight and of Coach Krzyszewski’s leadership types, the authors sketch two successful leaders who were great achievers despite huge differences in their leadership styles. Couch Knight led
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As a former West Point disciplinarian, Coach Knight never stopped to be a soldier and his passion for winning never left him. He led and won his little battles using his own team, thus probably often called by his fans: “General”. Very demanding, obsessed with hard work and preparation, he used punishment and threat as his primary motivator. His definition of discipline was: “to do what you have to do, and do it as well as you possibly can, and do it that way all the time.” The same motto, that one of his best students: Coach K. acquired and followed in his successful life as a basketball coach – how differently though!
Father to two boys, he didn’t treat them differently than his basketball players – motivating them the same way by using harsh language, push-ups, shouting and intimidation.
Being a tyrant, he still was a parent with the “tough love” approach. In his own special way, he took care of his “boys”, even if he didn’t show it openly. When one of his players got injured in an accident, he raised money to support him and his family.
Even if very few of his students appreciated his way of showing the affection, many of them stayed in touch with him after they left school, what he considered as the best reward for being a coach.
Many of them became great players and many years after, thanked him and credited him as one of the most important mentors they ever had.
Coach Knight,

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