Coach, Coach And Coach Essay

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It is commonly thought that coaches are around to teach and help individuals become better people in everything they do. They are there to help learn about a sport or activity, build character, and be competitive. Some of the coaches I had seemed to have been the opposite. Coach Savery and Coach Zaugg are former basketball coaches I have had: neither of them were basketball smart, they were both assholes in their own way, and neither of them seemed like they cared about winning a game. Neither of them knew anything about basketball, Coach Savery did not seem to have the intellect that someone would need to coach basketball. There were times he would say something and it would make me wonder where or how he would have thought of it. One time we were having a normal practice and he came over and said, “It is time to learn defense, all my plays are named after women that have taught me something.” He continued to tell us about our defense, quote for quote from the movie Coach Carter, he could not even think up a defense. To top it off the plays did not work because no one was in shape enough to run man defense for an entire game. On the other side, Coach Zaugg was a farmer who decided he could help by being our coach. He did not really coach us at all, he just thought conditioning was the way to win games. I played point guard and the only plays we had was throw it one way and pass to the post or throw the other way for the same outcome. We once played a team that greatly…

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