Coach Bailey 's Influence On My Life Essay

807 Words Sep 16th, 2015 4 Pages
People go around the world influencing each other lives positivity and negativity all the time. Throughout my nineteen years. I have met many people who have influenced me. One person though really stands out. No this person isn’t my mom or dad. Which they both are really important and have influenced me in so many ways, I can’t even thank them enough for everything. I have decided to write about somebody who has always been there to keep me on track and pushing me to do better. He has been my coach, teacher, principle, but most important someone I can count on. This man is Mike Bailey or how most people know him by coach Bailey. He has influenced me since I first meet him back in elementary and continues to do so to this day. Whenever I think of someone who has influenced my life one person comes to mind, coach Bailey. Coach Bailey has been my coach since I was in elementary, and had influenced me through sport since then. When I first decided to join a sport in school my seventh grade year, coach Bailey was there to help me out. I had no clue what I had got myself into. I was a little girl, who had never done a sport in her life. But lucky me I had a great coach that was there to teach me and encouraged me to do better every day. After a good season of cross country coach Bailey encouraged me to join basketball. I had no idea how to even dribble a basketball even less how to shot one. While all the other girls had experience from little dribblers. I felt out of place.…

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