Essay on Co Teacher Is Not Enough

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Co-Teaching One teacher is not enough. Co-teaching consists of a teacher and a cooperating teacher sharing responsibilities for teaching some or all of the students assigned to a classroom. It involves, planning, instructions, and evaluation for a classroom of students. Co-teaching provides a way for students to learn from two or more teachers that usually have different ways of teaching. Different methods of teaching are introduced in the classroom which helps the students learn different concepts in different ways. A co-teacher in the classroom, enhances the quality of learning provided to the students in a classroom setting through individualized teaching.
Co-teaching has been in practice for many years. In, 1989, Bauwens, Hourcade, and Friend determined that “a pragmatic merger between general and special educators in which direct educational programming to all students would be provided, could be educationally beneficial” (.....Exploring...). Today, co-teaching is becoming more popular in schools, to help children with disabilities be a part of the class. ***ADD MORE***
Over the past decade, co-teaching has become a popular approach in helping students, and students with special needs help get the education they need. Over the years there has been six structures of co-teaching that have been identified. The six different structures of co-teaching include: one-teach, one observe, one teach, one assist, parallel teaching, station teaching, alternative teaching, and team…

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