Personal Narrative: How Death Has Changed My Life

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CNarrative Before, I used to think death was an awful thing to go through, and that I would never be able to deal with a death in my family. That death means forever gone never coming back, almost as if the world was ending coming to a collapse, and there would be no feelings left but a empty hollow shell after someone passing. From, what I used to think and perceive of death and how I feel about death during the process but how I view everything now has completely changed.
When, I was little around the age of ten I used to think that someone passing away was the most dreadful thing ever and in some ways it still is, but how I thought about things back then was different from how I think now, but also how I view funerals. Before I would
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On that day it was snowy the roads were horrible it was a blizzard outside so cold you could see your breath in the air. Driving to my grandmother 's house and pulling into the driveway seeing thirty cars all around her house the garage door was open I walked in and asked Mando “ where is mom?” Mando said “ over by the door”. I turned around i’ll never forget the words she said “ grandma passed away liv” I walked into the house, it was a heavy uneasy feeling in the house with thirty or more people in the house, I remember walking in and everyone made a pathway for me it was like everyone stopped talking stopped drinking coffee stopped everything they were doing. I looked at my grandpa just sitting in his chair as he cried I tapped him on his shoulder and we hugged and hugged felt like eternity. I asked “ where is she?” My grandpa said “ her bedroom”. I walked into her bedroom the smell of her body decaying was faint, I kneeled down felt her hand, hard, cold, and stiff her body was an ice box. My mother came into the room and started to cry, nothing felt real it felt like I was in a horrible dream that I will awaken from. I remember the paramedics came, right before they took her I went into her room once more to say goodbye, I gave her a kiss on her head and told her I’d take care of everyone just like you took care of me as a kid. I left the room they asked everyone if anyone wanted to see her one last time before the funeral. It was silent, everyone just stood there, they asked the family to go to the living room, but I did not go to the living room, they pulled the gurney through the hall had it resting right next to me. All four paramedics went into her room, lifted her bed sheet put her on the floor and dragged

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