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City of Toronto Grants Department

Date: November 15, 2011

To: Mayor Rob Ford, Mayor of Toronto cc: Toronto City Council

From: Senior Grants Officer

Subject: Ford City Grants Fund Application from Toronto Arts Council

The Toronto Arts Council has applied to a new fund, the Ford City Grants Fund, which was created for granting funding to non-profit organizations. Successful bidders will receive up to a $50,000 grant to offset costs from their operations and expenditures.

This report serves to critically evaluate the Toronto Arts Council and determine whether it is worthy of receiving funding from the new Ford City Grants Fund. It will begin by providing a brief overview of the Toronto Arts Council and its
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Scope of programs currently offered

The Toronto Arts Council currently classifies applications into seven categories:
1) Community Arts;
2) Dance;
3) Large Institutions;
4) Literary;
5) Music;
6) Theatre; and
7) Visual/Media Arts
The Toronto Arts Council generally tries to ensure that all seven categories are equally well represented, which implies an equal division of funding among the seven categories. Historically, there is actually no limit with regards to the total amount of funding for each of the categories, and applications are approved meritocratically based on the strength of their proposals.

C. Evaluation of need for Toronto Arts Council’s services

1. Arts and Culture supports Toronto as a society

Over the past decade, the local arts and cultural scene has actively evolved into one of the key pillars supporting Toronto as a society.

The arts and culture is important to neighbourhoods and community life for a multicultural melting pot like Toronto. Approximately half of Toronto's population currently consists of immigrants and Toronto itself has one of the world's widest ethnic diversities (Schellenberg, G., 2004). Supporting all kinds of art or cultural expression from various ethnic groups, as well as their practices, is important for integration and to maintain the stability of society (City of Toronto Social Policy and Research Department, 2006).

According to The Economist's annual ranking of

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