Cmgt 556 Communication Management Entire Course Essay

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CMGT 556 Communication Management Entire Course CMGT 556 Communication Management Entire Course CMGT 556 Week 1 Individual Assignment “Artificial Intelligence.”

Assignment Preparation
Activities include completing the chapter review, the Skillsoft courses, the Skillsoft Business Explorations, independent student reading, and research.
Read “The Future: Artificial Intelligence,” in Ch. 9, “Enabling the Organization – Decision Making,” of Business Driven Technology.
Complete the following Skillsoft courses:
Business Analysis: Enterprise Analysis
Developing the Capacity to Think Strategically
Developing the Strategic Thinking Skill of Seeing
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What effect does a flat world have for a person looking for a job? What could you do to prepare yourself for competing in a flat world? Include other flatteners not mentioned in Friedman’s list.

CMGT 556 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment “Enterprise Model Project Outline.”
Write a 6 to 8-page paper for the organization you picked in Week 1 that does the following:
Explain to the organization the potential threats in their software environments.
Describe the various protection efforts available against each threat.
Include three different example sets, each with a vulnerability and a way to mitigate (control) that item.
Categorize by application type and then describe and analyze the software systems in the organization.
Propose business continuity measures for each of the software systems analyzed.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

CMGT 556 Week 3 Individual Assignment “Success Factors in Supply Chain Management.”
Assignment Preparation

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