Cmgt 410 Essay

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Project Planning and Implementation course
Severo V. Daniel Sr
CMGT 410
April 13, 2015
Instructor: Deborah Ray - Sims

Week 1. 13 April 2015
To: Daniel Engineer Inc.
From: Skill Enterprise Compliance (SEC) systems
Project Proposal Installation of a New Engineer Compliance system the competition and stay ahead of the rapidly growing economy, a new compliance system is the key. In addition to a new compliance system, we will need to put in place new compliance policies. The compliance training will be conducted on 13 April 2015, at 0800, Bldg. 17, Rm 217, Hagerstown Maryland. All managers, supervisor, and key staff members are required to attend the one day eight-hour training. The compliance training will be conducted
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The training will also address any current compliance issues and assist in the development of a new policy that will be incompliance with the new system. Managers attending the training will be provided with very important information regarding the system integration and the new compliance policies. The New system compliance training will be measured by the attendance and knowledge gained by managers as to implementing compliance policies and procedure within company guidelines.
Project Scope
The success of the training will be based on the participation and cooperation all the managers and company employees. The training will be one day consisting of eight hours of training. The first four hours will be instructor lead and the second half will be hands on. The method of hand on training will allow the (SEC) instructor to address any questions or concerns the managers may have during training. The end of training questionnaire will provide feedback to the stakeholder on how the investment into the project benefited the organization (Marchewka, Jack T., 2012). The cost for the training to include product warranty is $12,000.00. The qualitative measures of success will be based on not the cost for the training but the value of capital in return (Rosenaw, M. D. J, 1998). A representative from (SEC) will remain on site for two months after the

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