Clubs Of Clubs : Clubs Essay

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The LUSA Clubs network is going from strength to strength in terms of the increasing amount of Clubs available for students to join, currently sitting at 42 Clubs.
As always, there are areas to improve on with the Club network it would be great to increase the presence of clubs on campus to the wider student body. LUSA have succeed in enabling the Postgrad Society and International Club to hold more events this year, which has been a key priority.
Clubs funding was increased in Semester 2 2015 to ensure Clubs are not restricted financially, enabling them to produce more events as well as to assist with subsiding ticket costs – or eliminating a cost totally – to students wanting to attend. This has allowed for a wider variety of students to attend – especially students who are financially restricted.
A number of additional work has also been done in to improving the Clubs Network including refining and re-editing the Clubs Handbook to ensure it remains relevant and helpful to both new and existing Clubs, restructuring the Clubs Grant Application Form and designing a workshop to assist Clubs through filling out the Application Form, and currently working on a Clubs Affiliation Policy, Code of Conduct, Awarding of Clubs Grants Policy, Clubs Governance Policy and a Clubs Succession Planning Guide which will be available to all Clubs as well as on the LUSA Website once approved.
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