Essay about Clubbing Culture

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Nowadays, night clubs are very famous in all over the world especially among teenagers. There is a night club in every part of the country. Today, teenagers prefer to hang out in a pub or a night club rather than just go to the cinema and chill out in a café with their friends. Recently, partying at a club is regarded as a hobby for the rich. For example, the Hollywood famous jet set people; Paris Hilton and Nichole Ritchie. They go to the club almost every night. Clubbing also make teenagers become lazy and often wake up late. It also causes damage in their body. Usually, people who go to the club did not only dance instead they usually drink alcohols and sometimes they take drugs to keep them fit throughout the night
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Clubs are often advertised by passing out of flyers on the streets, a café, record shops, and at other clubs or events. They are often eye catching and highly decorative. A modern night clubs usually features lighting, smoke machines, colorful flashing lights and moving lights beams. One of the most common item found at a night club is a disco ball. A disco ball is a rotating lamp ball which is covered with a small flat mirror and alight beam directed on it. The size is of a disco ball is almost as big as a football size. The reflection of the moving light spot is directed on the people and on the dance floor. Some night clubs usually throw a foam parties once or twice a month. Foam party is where the dance floor is being filled with soap suds.
From time to time there are various night clubs located in all over the world. For example, USA has got a non-smoking, alcohol night clubs as well as the gay night clubs. There are also restaurants or supper clubs that provide live music and entertainment that are similar to that of the night clubs. Although, the difference is that the food is the main attraction at these establishments. Right now, I would like to discuss about clubbing culture in some country. Teenagers in Argentina usually hang out with their friends on Saturday night. The night clubs usually opens at 2am and finish at about 6am or latest at 7am. During summer, the clubs usually finish at 8am. In Buenos

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